Causewayhead Traders Association AGM
5.30pm 6th March 2018
@ Waves Cafe

Paul Shaw, Hannah Wallis, Susan Allanson, Linda Foster, Darren Taylor, Claire Whitton, Diane Sampson, Helen Stone, Tracey Spry, Julian Cardew

Chris (lighthouse Gallery)

Hannah Wallis welcomed all who have arrived for the AGM and thanked them for giving up their time & expressed a disappointment at so few turning up. Sadly no feedback slips have been returned by businesses either.

Treasurers Report:
Report delivered by Darren Taylor.
See attached.

Achievements for this last year 2016/2017
Hannah ran through the last twelve months achievements; ‘’I will try & keep this as brief as possible but we have been incredibly busy bees’’.
Easter Egg Hunt- CTA organised the Easter Egg hunt for Causewayhead & Chapel Street. Thirty shops took place (seven in Chapel Street). Over eighty children entered the hunt which meant over eighty families interacted with shops & saw what our streets have to offer.
Flowers- CTA worked with Flora Group to supply the street with beautiful flowers again in baskets & post toppers. This doesn’t only involve attending monthly meetings it also includes helping plant, putting up & taking down which is very hard going!!
This year had a higher expense than previously as the majority of the brackets had to be replaced (they didn’t pass weight testing/no insurance without weight testing pass). Flora Group had agreed to pay for the brackets & fitting, sadly they reneged on this agreement so CTA had to pay for fitting at £810. It was a very challenging time between Flora & CTA.
This is a commitment of £1500-£2000 each year. Penzance BID kindly second year running gave us a donation of £500 towards this project.
Insurance Renewal - With help from Mark Sefton at  Jackson Insurance we  got a deal for our insurance again this year for £456.95 (used to pay £866.33) second year with a reduced rate. What makes this year even more exciting is Penzance BID very kindly reimbursed the full amount to us as funding is always a huge challenge for CTA.
Removal/Repositioning Of Benches- Myself, Paul & Claire attending meetings & worked with Councillor Tim Dwelly, Councillor Jim McKenna, the Police & Add-action to try & improve the ongoing issues & problems of gathering at the bottom of the street. This issues many traders felt was really negatively impacting the street & deterring shoppers.
The benches were repositioned spaced evenly up the whole of the street. We do feel this has lessened the gathering & improved the entrance to Causewayhead- customers have even commented.
Mazey Day Tombola - With huge thanks to many business owners & customers we managed to raise £316.50 on our yearly Tombola. It was much slower than previous years so this fundraiser needs a rethink, but Mazey Day is the perfect day to raise extra funds an ideas welcome (& of course as always help!).
Painted Street Furniture- All the street furniture was decorated to maintain a positive & clean image for the street. I think we can all agree compared to many other areas in the town our benches & posts are looking in great condition.
Pirate Saturday- We organised (working with Penzance Chamber, our Mayor Dick Cliffe & Penzance BID) the pirate hunt involving chocolate coins & pirate teddies for children to find, the adult treasure hunt with two prizes of rum or a necklace & decorated the streets with bunting & even made a patch for Sir Humphry Davy! 
Seventy five people entered the pirate hunt which was a really positive response & again got people into the street before the following day with the pirate count.
This event was really only made possible by the kind donation from committee members as many personally supplied & paid for items to run this event. Darren has kindly shown these figures on the accounts.
Planted areas (palm bottom of road, planter outside The Granary)- In case many of you do not realise CTA also maintain the planters- this involves weeding, pruning and in the case of the palm at the bottom clearing out glass, rubbish & sometimes needles. Paul personally buys plants for the planter opposite Waves and keeps it in great condition.
November Fundraiser & Buffet at Waves- With funds being increasing low we hosted a fundraiser at Waves with Paul & Darren kindly donated £2 per ticket sold.
The evening comprised of a buffet, raffle & fun quiz with thanks to Linda & Claire’s husband Billy. In total we raised an amazing £460 at this event.
We have spoken to The Singing Rooster about hosting a fundraiser there & they were keen.
Elf Yourself- At Christmas we got the elf yourself app & transformed nineteen business owners & their staff into elves for social media with a #elvesinpenzance. The Cornishman followed this online & only getting numbers back from seven of those shops the videos had 8,598 views! Great return on a small expenditure.
Window Of Wishes- Causewayhead Furnishers kindly granted permission to CTA to decorate the windows with some Christmas sparkle. We created the window of childrens wishes, twenty-two children wrote wishes on stars which were posted in CWH Furnishers window then each evening committee members tied the wishes on to branches.  The wishes were varied – ‘’for mummy not to burn the turkey this year’’  ‘’for a real unicorn to ride’’ & ‘’daddy to be home for Christmas’’.
Jessica our BID manager kindly got her husband to not only supply all the branches but to take them away afterwards & BID funded the lights for our trees as no electricity in the premises so battery lights were purchased & used.
Valentines Window Competition- We ran a Valentines window competition in Causewayhead which Flower House won. Paul & Hannah presented the ladies with a bottle of sparkling wine.

We also attend other meetings
In order to raise our profile & keep Causewayhead in mind many of the CTA committee  attend & are members of other groups:
Penzance BID		Paul & Claire are directors
Chamber			Paul, Claire & Hannah are now on the committee
Events Calendar		Hannah
Events Committee		Paul & Hannah
Flora Group			Paul, Sue & Hannah
These are all committees which meet once a month & that isn’t including all the other council things we attend & other meetings we get invited to

Projects/Commitments for the forthcoming year.
Hannah ran through commitments that CTA are either already working towards or have committed too;
CTA have of course already committed to the flowers again for this year as the order has to go in to Flora in December. This is a large financial commitment & one we need to raise money for.
There will be an increase this year in the erecting & dismantling of flowers as committee members will no longer be participating so we will be paying for the service. As you can imagine it is a very strenuous task & when the baskets are waterlogged they are incredibly heavy.
CTA have been granted a space for a stall on Mazey Day again to fundraise but need inspiration of what to do (ideas very welcome)
We have worked with Penzance BID for overhead street banners top & bottom to promote the street which will hopefully be up just after Easter. We have suggested bright colours with imagery to show the diversity of the street ie fruit & veg, a house.
It was voted at the last meeting that the CTA should set up all meetings for this year & give every business the dates. The first thirty minutes of every meeting will be open for any trader to attend if they have ideas, questions or problems if they are not a committee member.
Subs! Paul Shaw informed that we have an ongoing problem with the collection of subs weekly. It is nearly impossible for any committee member to take the time out of their own business on a weekly basis to collect a £1 a week. This situation needs urgent attention & needs to be discussed at the next meeting.
NO subs have been collected since November!
CTA have worked with Penzance BID, councillor Tim Dwelly & DR Armstrong at Tremenere Sculptures Gardens to get the two planters outside The Granary replaced & hopefully get one or two planters outside the empty CWH Furnishers. This is coming together with community chest funding (£1,000 approximately)/Penzance BID donation & CTA match funding

Present committee all stand down:
At this point, as is customary the residing committee members to all stand down from their posts. Hannah thanked them all for the last year & for all their time adding she’s hopeful they will remain.

Election of new officers for 2017/2018:
Each office was entered for election and each role was filled as follows:
Chair: Hannah Wallis, Proposed by Paul and seconded by everyone.
Vice Chair: Paul Shaw, proposed by Susan and seconded by everyone.
Secretary: Claire Whitton, proposed by Diane and seconded by everyone.
Treasurer: Darren Taylor, proposed by Julian and seconded by everyone.
Web Organiser: Linda Foster requested that she would like to take this on from Martyn Walker. Paul proposed her and everyone seconded.
Committee: Helen, Diane, Julian & Tracey all stood for members & were voted so.
All members in the room stated they would like to stay as committee members. It was agreed that it would not be correct procedure to vote on anyone that was not at the meeting but members can join anytime throughout year.

Tracey from The Light House Gallery asked about the flowers on the street. She expressed the opinion that as members only pay £1 per week wouldn’t it be a good idea to ask for extra donations towards the costs of the flowers and associated costings to help reduce the worry of having the money to pay for them. 
She said that she was prepared to go to speak to businesses along the street to ask them.
Diane Sampson asked if businesses could have collection tins in their premises for customers to put donations. There are a number of tins available from Walkers Jewellers if any members would like one.
Diane also asked if we are planning to do anything for Easter? Hannah replied that yes we are going to run the Easter Egg hunt again as with the last 2 years we have done it we have greatly increased footfall to the street.
Hannah said that she has had a request from the Pop Up Team to take part in the Egg Hunt as have the youth market at the bottom of the street on the Easter Saturday. HW says that she declined the request as we have said that we are not involving Chapel Street this year as its too much work to extend it and so it would not be appropriate.
Julian Cardew asked if we had any update on the parking proposals for CWH?
Hannah explained that this is a contentious situation. The whole of Penzance and its parking is under review. CTA was asked for their opinion and after speaking to a range of businesses on the street we proposed that the parking throughout the day was a big problem and so collection/delivery only would be the best proposal. The council initially said that this would not be possible, that it was all or nothing, not the compromise.
After the consultation period it was then decided that as from April/May that there would be NO parking allowed on CWH and only collection/delivery would be allowed (10 mins). This would be enforceable by the police. This would be 24/7 applicable.
ACTION: Hannah to speak to Morwenna @ Council on when the parking will be enforced.
Hannah asked for volunteers to help plant some saplings near to Sainsburys at the request of John Morland. (tomorrow evening at 5pm). He will be there along with members from the Rotary Club.
It is weather dependent and will be confirmed tomorrow.
It was decided to have a short meeting next week (13th) to sort out Easter preparations.
Hannah showed the committee some designs for street signage sent through by Jess @ BID for our thoughts and suggestions. As a collective we each gave opinion and our combined opinion will be sent to Jess by Hannah.
Meeting Ended 7.11pm

Meetings scheduled for 2018:

3rd April
1st May
5th June
3rd July
No meeting in August
4th September
2nd October
No meeting in December
All meetings to be held at Wave Café & will start at 5.30pm

Everyone is very welcome to attend the first half hour of any of these meetings if they have any ideas for the street or matters to discuss.

Or you are welcome to email Hannah if you have any questions or ideas:
Causewayhead Traders Association AGM
6th March 2018
Financial report

Bank accounts start balance as of 14th April 2017. £3232.58

Total Cash banked £1347.00
Total chq banked £1712.95
Total banked £3059.95

Totals banked including donations and subs
£500.00 donation from PZFG
£100.00 donation from fundraiser from Waves
£500.00 donation from BID for flowers
£456.95 donation from BID for insurance 
£156.00 yearly paid Subs paid direct to bank account.
Total £1712.95
Cash banked £350.75 pirate day 
                        £316.50 Mazey day tombola 
                        £679.75 raised from weekly/yearly subs and gutter cleaning
Total £1347.00

Total cash expenditure £109.00
Total chq expenditure £4774.95
Total expenditure £4883.95
= overall -£1824.00
Total expenditure.
£100.00 weight testing for new brackets
£1665.00 for street furniture refurbished 
£1090.00 for putting up flowers & new brackets for hanging baskets
£410.00 for cleaning out guttering on participating properties
£456.95 insurance for street (see above as Bid donated money to us)
£1053.00 for PZFG for flowers for the street.
£109.00 misc. expenditure 
Total expenditure £4883.95

Petty cash in total £249.89
Bank account balance as of the 14th February 2018. £1506.58
Total amount at present £1756.47
Monies outstanding Blue Fur Ball £50.00 for gutter cleaning.
No other credits or debits outstanding.

Personal donations from committee members were also received to help raise money for the Egg hunt & pirate day (which was fully funded by committee members)
Total £596.40