Causewayhead Traders Association
Meeting held on 16th January 2018
@ Waves Cafť from 5pm.

Hannah Wallis, Darren Taylor, Paul Shaw, Susan Allanson, Claire Whitton, Linda Foster.
Diane Sampson, Martyn Walker, Julian Cardew, Helen Stone.

We need to come up with ideas to help increase footfall which travels along Causewayhead. One idea was to have some editorial in the Cornishman with a voucher attached for shoppers to redeem. They have said that this would cost £650 + vat, which is way to expensive!
We are going to look at doing a mailshot and get people to hand them out in their own areas. HW to get costings and see if people like this idea.
HW spoke to Jess and Nick @ BID about the wrap on Louís Shoes and see if we can get businesses listed on it? Also asked if the old Agapanthus shop could have a wrap of some sort saying that there are more businesses further up the street. ( We are waiting for Jeff the owner of the Cinema to confirm we can do this). We will do a plan of the businesses for the printing.

Community Chest.
Tim Dwelly says that he has £1000 of community chest money he can use for the planters to be replaced. We are hoping to have some movable ones that can be placed in the doorways of empty shops to help make them look more attractive and to stop people loitering there. There is a possibility that BID could match fund this!
Do we Flora group to help with this too? John Morland and Dick Cliffe do seem very positive with the idea. 
HW to meet with Jess at some point to fill in the forms required.

CTA Funds:
Our current balance is £1076.00
Fees/ subs are not being paid be it annually or weekly. LF suggested to do it monthly so that it isnít a chore for those who collect it.

This is due soon. We need to get a letter together to get out to traders. Offer a glass of wine or soft drink at the meeting. Date set Tuesday 6th March 2018.

Meeting closed @ 6.53pm.