Causewayhead Traders Association
Meeting on 16th November 2017
@ Waves Café

Paul Shaw, Hannah Wallis, Susan Allanson, Linda Foster, Martyn Walker, Darren Taylor, Claire Whitton

Helen Stone, Julian Cardew, Bob (The London Inn).

Recent Fundraiser.
The fund raiser which was held last Saturday night was a huge success once again. We raised £460 and all are keen to do another evening of a similar style. Next time we will ask Canapes if they would like to host the event? Looking at possibly end of Feb 2018 or slightly later.
Jerry Sanders very kindly donated one of his paintings on the night. It was decided to hold it back and to auction it at some point to help raise more money than a raffle would. 
We need to look into how to do this with regards to having charitable status? If we don’t go down that route do we ask a local auctioneer to sell it for us or ask Light House Gallery to showcase it?
We also sold plenty of the handmade Christmas cards on the night ( Made by Jane). As a thankyou to her we will buy an orchid as a gift and invite her as our guests to the next function we have.

Light switch on is 25th November. There will be a market at the bottom of Causewayhead. Pendeen silver band along with others will also be playing subject to the weather conditions.
There will be another town Christmas window competition this year. The leaflets will be going out shortly and this years theme is going to be BELLS.
There are going to be buildings lit up all around town in various colours, Hobbs and Mounts Bay Trading have been chosen for Causewayhead plus the round house at the top (taxi rank). This has been organised by BID.
They have also organised for local schools to dress windows of empty shops around town.
15th Dec is light switch on at Newlyn
16th Dec is Humphry Davy Parade with also a Christmas Market and other musicians. Parade starts ay 4.30 from the top of Causewayhead.
There will also be a grotto in the empty shop opposite the Vault Bar.
21st Dec is Montol. There will be parades and markets (TBC).
We are hoping that 16th December will be free parking for the day in council run carparks, but this has yet to be confirmed.
BID are also organising a town trail guide for the xmas period. These are going to be distributed around town and to all the local schools. Voting boxes and slips will be distributed around the town in shops that are taking part.
BID has organise an advert to go out on Pirate FM next week to promote what we have going on around town over the festive season. There will be lots of advertising going out in lots of other forms too.
They also are trying to encourage as many traders as possible to open on the 24th December (Sunday). Which is also Xmas Eve.

The former Light House Gallery and Causewayhead Furnishings have the same landlord and if no body has taken those shops we have permission to decorate them.

HW asked about music to have in the street for Christmas. MW said he will organise that.
Flora: So far, the Chair is stepping down. Meeting held last Tuesday but nothing yet has happened. 11.1.18 will be their AGM where a new chair will be assigned.
HW said that we would go ahead with flower baskets ONLY next year. Ken said that Flora would supply the post toppers.
LF asked if anyone knew what was happening with WHATSAPP Messenger for Shopwatch? Councillors have been in talks about it. Trying to sort it to link in with Tolvaddon. This will also be funded by BID.

Meeting ended 5.50pm