Causewayhead Traders Meeting
                                     5.20pm 3rd October 2017
                                        @ Waves Café

Attending: Claire Whitton, Paul Shaw, Hannah Wallis, Martyn Walker, Diane Sampson, Linda Foster.
Apologies: Julian Cardew, Susan Allanson, Helen Stone, Darren Taylor.

1 Fundraiser.
After paying our annual insurance our account is in a poor state. BID however have said very generously that they will pay our insurance and will reimburse us in due course.
Flora bill….is still in dispute at the moment due to the number of baskets they are requesting we pay for and the brackets which we need reimbursing for.
SO….we need to raise funds!
Idea: on 11th November we have another fundraising evening at Waves.
The format to be as the last one with a small quiz (4 rounds of 5 questions) and a raffle.
HW to raffle a necklace for 2 weeks up to the event
£10 per ticket (£2 from each being donated to CTA by Waves).

2 Flowers.
Thank you to everyone who helped to take down the flowers yesterday evening. Once again Roger Farley was a great help (we will give him and his wife tickets to the fundraiser as a thank you).
3 AOB.
HW has given the gardeners at Penlee a box of biscuits to say thank you for all their help with the basket watering. She has had a drink with Ben Broskill (Penlee), he like us would like Flora to carry on but with a new chair in place.
HW is trying all sources to try to get funding to replace the two flower/plant boxes in the street. Tim Dwelly says that the manager of Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens would gladly supply succulents for the boxes as long as well place a plaque there.
At the moment police from Bodmin are in town helping to deal with the drugs problem. Please let the police know of any activity you see.
Meeting ended 6pm.