Causewayhead Traders Meeting
                                     5.30pm 15th August 2017
                                        @ Waves Café

Re: Pirate Saturday: Organisation.
Help needed to distribute flags… Paul/Claire to do when on weekly collections.
All the coins and flags are here. There are a few flags left over. HW to ring Gateway Traders to see if they want to buy any?.
Walkers and Fishboy are the starting points for the treasure hunts. The children all get pirate bag, plastic coin and an eye patch.
Posters are all printed and ready to be distributed.
Music, CD’s are now all on the memory stick.
Stickers to go in windows ta for taking part are ready to go out.
Bob has brought fishing nets to be used up and down the street posts. Sue has made fish to go in the nets. Hannah has signs to go in the nets.
Hopefully Helen will get some of her £100 back when we have money in from Chapel Street Traders (around £40). Chapel street to pay £20 per business taking part.
£2.50 entry for each treasure hunt.

On another note:
We need to get the window of CWH Furnishings cleaned. We have been quoted £25 and the committee agreed to pay this.
HW spoken to Russell Whitlock about putting bits in the windows re Pirate Day. Put pirate faces and speech bubbles and a big poster in there.
CW to send emails to radio stations plugging the day. The Cornishman have said they will do something too. (and do a piece about CWH@ end of the season).
PZ Chamber of Commerce are paying for bunting to go on MJS, the Mayor is paying for Alverton, BID for the train station. Do we need any? No, not if paying for it.

There are 21 shops doing the childrens treasure hunt
14 doing the adult treasure hunt.
The children get how many coins they spot in the windows.

Beverley who used to be in home hardware asked if she could do a stall on CWH on the Saturday, selling pirate stuff. The committee agreed to it as long as she paid a small donation.
Coast FM now say they cannot do anything on the street on the day due to staff shortages.

The police have been around to see the traffic problem. Hopefully this will be resolved at the October council meeting.
Flora. The meeting was disastrous! Fiona threatened to have Paul ejected! She also refused to pay for the brackets etc as we had used Craig Bond. (Approx £840). We do have emails however to prove she would do. If need to we will pay the Flora bill minus the cost of the brackets and fitting.
The website domain name is now up for renewal. The committee agreed to pay MW for the cost.
Gutter cleaning payments. CW to chase remaining payments.
Meeting ended 6.50pm