Causewayhead Traders Meeting
                                     5.30pm, 4th July 2017
                                        @ Waves Café

Hannah Wallis, Martyn Walker, Susan Allanson, Claire Whitton, Paul Shaw, Darren Taylor, Diane Sampson, Helen Stone.

Pirate Saturday:
What are we going to be doing, and how?
Kids treasure hunt; includes chocolate pirate coins, pirate teddies in a few windows at alloted times. £2.50 per entry
Adults treasure hunt:  cryptic questions leading to various businesses up Chapel Street and Causewayhead. Prize for winning entry drawn £2.50 entry. (bottle of rum/necklace).
Need to get costings for coins.
Helen to donate £100 for coins
Party bags, approx. £15 PS says will pay.
Printing for posters. DS will do at cost.
Bottle of Rum, donated by PS
Teddies (approx. 12) Medusa to pay.
Stickers will be made to go on windows of shops taking part in treasure hunt for parents.
Pirate flags to be chosen and HW to order.

PS: the stage at the top of CWH outside The Farmers on Mazey day was way too loud and stopped people staying up the top end of the street. (not just the volume but also the content of the music). Considering to send a polite letter to the pub to make polite suggestions for next year!

Meeting ended 6.28pm