Causewayhead Traders Meeting
                                     5.30pm 20th June 2017
                                        @ Waves Café

Hannah Wallis, Martyn Walker, Claire Whitton, Paul Shaw, Darren Taylor, Linda Foster, Cornelius Oliver
 Diane Sampson, Susan Allanson, Emma Hill, Nigel Bedford, Bob

Traffic and Parking on Causewayhead:
We had conversation with Cornelius Oliver re the persistent problem of parking and traffic along Causewayhead. We have seen a marked increase in long term parking from both builders and residents on the street. It is becoming an increasing problem for delivery drivers to unload and for businesses who often find their shop windows blocked by vans and cars.
Several options were discussed. Although in an ideal situation we would like a totally pedestrianised street the compromise is that there is no parking between 10am and 4pm except a 10 minute unloading time. Friday and Saturday will still be NO traffic whatso ever between 10-4pm.
There was also the question of do we put a yellow line along the street to identify it as a no stopping street?
Cornelius is happy to support us on this at the next council meeting and HW is meeting with Council/Highways tomorrow.
We thanked Mr Oliver for taking the trouble to come and have a talk with us and helping us to sort it out.

The recent meeting escalated to a new vile level from the Chair. There was lots of misunderstanding of who said what.
HW spoke to Andrea at No 36 re the situation ( her partner was asked by flora to put up the new brackets but as he didn’t have liability insurance to cover this he couldn’t do it). She said that he understood totally and hadn’t put in any complaint to Flora as had been stated!
The new brackets arrived on the day the flowers were meant to go up!
Craig Bond has stepped in to help.
Jess Golding at BID has said they will give us £500 towards to flowers and cover us under the insurance they have for the town.
2 new councillors are now involved in Flora meetings and were horrified at the behaviour!
HW invited to a meeting due to the slanderous behaviour of Flora with Ben (Penlee gardener) and Simon Reed.

Mazey Day:
We need help for the stall on the day. Linda has kindly offered us to raid the Childrens Hospice Bric a brac if we are short of stuff for the Tombola…thank you.
The only comment for this was that if people commit they need to come.
Meeting ended: 6,48pm