Causewayhead Traders Meeting
                                     5.30pm, 3rd May 2017
                                        @ Waves Café

Hannah Wallis, Susan Allanson, Claire Whitton, Paul Shaw, Darren Taylor, Emma Hill, Diane Sampson, Linda Foster, Nigel Bedford.
Bob (London Inn), Julian Cardew, Martyn Walker.

On The Street:
The flowers will be going up on 25th May and the street furniture decoration needs to be done before that.
Quotes from TMF Renovation, £1800.00. All the furniture to be sanded, treated etc (including small parts)
Stock and Bristle (St Ives) £1665.00.
The bank balance is £3232.58.
We also need to pay for flowers etc so the account will be much lower after this. We have been promised £500 towards the flowers from BID.
Stock and Bristle was voted unanimously by the committee to do the work. HW has asked them to do the posts first so that they are ready for when the flowers go up.
A letter is to go out to everyone who chains stuff to the posts to say not to any more unless use protective covers.
HW to speak to Stock and Bristle.

Parking Problem:
A letter to go on all cars that persistently park on the street to hopefully reduce this problem.

Wednesday Trading:
We need to think of ideas to help boost trade on Wednesdays as it is the slowest day of the week usually. (carboot etc takes trade away).
Next meeting : 6/6/17
Meeting ended 6.25pm