Causewayhead Traders Meeting
                                   5.30pm 7th February 2017
                                          @ Waves Café
Claire Whitton, Susan Allanson, Paul Shaw, Darren Taylor, Hannah Wallis, Linda (Children’s Hospice), Emma Hill, Yvonne (Engraving and Keys), Diane Sampson. Martyn Walker.
Apologies: Nigel Bedford, Julian Cardew, Tracy and Chris (Lighthouse Gallery), Lorna Borrell.
1 Benches:
Thanks to Paul, Claire and Bob for attending the meeting with Tim Dwelly on 17th Jan. Agreement has been made with all concerned for the benches to be removed from the bottom and spread up the street. Hopefully this will help to reduce anti-social behaviour at the bottom of the street.
Also Tim said that there is funding available for something community orientated (approx. £400). We suggest help to pay for painting of posts and furniture on CWH.
2 Flora
Decision time: HW has asked for a quote up front from Flora Group.
Baskets are £13 each which is a great deal. Still waiting for quote for post toppers, but have asked for quote for 2 tier not 3 tier.
Q: do we just go for baskets? Do we ask Flora to account for the toppers or go 50/50 on them?
HW has clarified that BID have again agreed to fund £500 towards our cost for this year
Craig Bond is doing weight testing and quoting for new baskets.
Committee decided that we would attend the next Flora meeting and ask to discuss colours and to ask if they will pay for the toppers and we will do the baskets. We will pay for 65 baskets as last year, new brackets and insurance if they will pay for the toppers.
3 Easter
What are we going to do……. We have the golden eggs from last year and can 
Emma is happy to do stencils for the windows
Hannah will speak to BID to see if they will help with funding for baskets and the CO-OP for eggs.
Shall we do picture competition for CWH Furnishings window? Emma will contact school asking if they would like to take part.
4 Action Points
HW: speak to Russell Whitlock re CWH furnishings
HW: speak to Coop re easter eggs
HW: Deal with Flora points.
HW: get a quote for decorating furniture/Cormac for paint.
Emma: Make stencils
Emma: Contact schools
Emma and Diane go round and sell fundraiser tickets
Next meeting will be 7/3/17 (not 14th) as HW and MW away. Vicky White PCSO will be coming along to talk about security and anti-social behaviour.
CW asked if we could get a quote from Craig Bond for cleaning gutters in the street.
Fundraising evening will be 25th March as long as we can get enough people to go!
Possibilty of having a social bowling night (in future)
HW mentioned that she had spoken to cast iron manufacturers in Newlyn re making new trees for our post toppers. She will ask them for a quote.
PS/CW to ask BID re pigeon mess particularly at the bottom of the street.
HW asked for any ideas from the committee  (have a think).
Meeting ended. 6.35pm